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Getting people to review and rate your business on Google


As business owners we have all been there. You have finished the project or sold a product, you did a great job and would like your recent client to help spread the word about you by leaving a stellar rating and review on your google business profile.

The asking part can feel awkward, but you did a great job so why not ask, they can only say no.

But it isn’t as simple as it sounds for your client to locate your business profile on google then find the rating panel to actually rate and enter their ‘glowing’ review.

I used to say to clients “just look me up on google and there will be panel on the right and you can enter your rating there”.

But i would get responses like “I couldn’t find it” or ”It didn’t appear for me” etc. The client would inevitably give up trying and i looked bit foolish for not giving them better instructions.

Every time i googled this issue I found very convoluted answers for how to extract some code and provide a link.

But I recently stumbled on to a website called Supple that has a completely free to use GOOGLE BUSINESS REVIEW DIRECT LINK GENERATOR

1. Just type your business name into the search box and it will locate your listing


2. Select from two options for your link

There are two options and you can choose one that suits your business best:
Option1: Will show the review box where customers can add their review
Option2: Will enable you to show a list of current reviews.


3. Copy the short code link

Just copy the short URL then send it to your client via any method you wish or put a button on your website.


Supple deserve an internet public service medal for this setting up this beautiful little tool for free. Give it a try and start building your google business reputation.